In the heart of the hill where the Nota winery is located, with its beautiful view of the well-groomed vineyards and lush woods of the Roero, lies a historic treasure: the Crutin Nicolai.
In Piedmontese tradition, the crutinis a special wine cellar carved into the tuff, a deepand cool environment in which wine is stored.
Crutin such as this are true sculptural masterpieces.

The Crutin Nicolai is a precious family heirloom: it was created by an ancestor in the late eighteen hundreds, in memory of the passing century. The tuff had been carved for about eight years up to a depth of 12 metres, obtaining five spacious rooms adorned with precious decorations.
For over fifty years since the death of its creator, the work remains shrouded in mystery and its discovery gave new life to whoever had formed it with such dedication. With the same passion of ourancestors, we produce a special selection of winewithin it, refined in French oak casks.
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