Ve visited regarding these liver lesions? Ultrasound done or not for this? generic viagra canada   regards             522 days and 23 hours ago. Customer reply yes i have the mri report. buy viagra without prescription Just our family doctor. She has been treated for islet cell at mayo clinic but the mri was done locally and the doctor at mayo has not seen this mri. Our family doctor said the recent mri isn. viagra without a doctor prescription T much differemt from the mayo mri, but, the mayo mri said nothing about lesions on the liver.             posted by dr hasan 522 days and 23 hours ago. Response from expert can you please type the mri report here, just type the conclusion here.   regards             522 days and 23 hours ago. Customer reply extensive metastatic disease throughout theliver             accepted answer thanks for updating me. viagra no insurance   i am sorry but if the report is mentioning that its a metastatic disease in the liver, this means that there are high chances that cancer has spread to liver and in that case i donot think so that this can be ignored any way. average price for viagra Although mri report never confirms cancer, it can just suggest it because there always have to be the histopathological diagnosis. You should get consultation from your oncologist who can get ultrasound guided liver biopsy to get the confirmation that its cancer or not. Further treatment either surgery or chemotherapy will be according to nature of disease and your wife's general fitness. So far there are chances that this might not be cancer but it is not, ultrasound guided liver biopsy is indicated and mandatory and you can not just ignore this.   hope for the best   i wish good luck to both of you and wish that everything comes fine. discount generic viagra   please ask for any query.   please click accept if i have answered your question   regards   dr hasan expert:  dr hasan category:  medical pos. best online viagra pharmacy  feedback:  99. 7 % accepts:  3259 answered:  5/5/2011 doctor mbbs, fcps ,experience in all fields of medicine and surgery ask this expert a question >      ask a doctor online now 13 doctors are online now type your medical question here... much does viagra cost walmart Characters left: ask a doctor experts are online and waiting to answer your question preview your answer before you pay your expert your satisfaction is guaranteed 13 doctors are online now type your medical question here... average price for viagra Characters left: disclaimer: information in questions, answers, and other posts on this site ("posts") comes from indiv. viagra no prescription usa
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